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What are Henna Tattoos actually?

Henna is known as the ancient art of temporary tattooing. Henna, which is properly known as Mehndi, is a small shrub called Lowsonia Inermis and is most found in abundant quantity at tropical countries, including Pakistan, China, Egypt, India, and African regions. The young leaves and twigs are ground to a fine powder and mixed with lukewarm water and mineral oil. These tattoos are totally natural, have no side effects, and look extremely beautiful and elegant.

The Process of Henna Tattoos at Salon 21 Spa:

Salon 21 Spa has the unique way of applying henna tattoos naturally, for that henna is applied to skin and left on to dry. For darker tint, it is left undisturbed for at least three to four hours before removing it. Once it is flaked off, the color left behind will darken within the next twelve hours. Henna tattoos will last for an average of two weeks and then gradually fade away completely itself. Please note that the color of henna will vary depending on your skin type. If you've a good skin then the tint will be the brightest. Salon 21 Spa is the only salon which offers Temporary Henna Tattoos in Naperville.

Things to Remember after Tattoo Care:

Once you have a henna tattoo, stay out of the sun while the henna paste dries. Additionally, you should remoisten the paste with four parts lemon juice and one part sugar after leaving the salon to darken the color or simply wash your hands. It's a well known tip.
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* Belt (Half) * $5, $10, $15 or $20 or more depend on designs and density of work
* Full hand till wrist * $5, $10, $15 or $20 or more depend on designs and density of work
* Bridal Mehndi * $100 - $250 & up